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Tuesday, December 11th, 2007
1:14 am
Saving money on laundry
First off, I make my own laundry detergent. This is my first method of saving money at laundry.

My recipe is this:
1/3 bar Zote laundry soap (Really cheap... 2 7 oz. bars for a dollar at the 99 cent store)

½ cup washing soda

½ cup borax powder

An old cat litter container, about 2.5 gallons capacity with a spout and a small, easy to manage, screw on lid (I believe it originally contained Tidy Cats Scoop, Small Spaces cat litter.)

I shaved the soap into a pan and added 6 cups of water, heating it until it mostly melted(I admit, I was impatient and I didn't wait until it was all completely melted, there were still a few small chunks...). I added the washing soda and the boraz slowly and stirred it in until it dissolved. I took it off the heat and added another 4 cups of water to the pan. I put a little less than a gallon and a half of water into the cat litter bucket, and then poured the soap mixture into that. I sealed up the container and shook it up, and set it aside. It's now sitting and (hopefully) gelling. I'll report back as to how the texture comes out. The mixture is very pleasantly pink. Smile

I accidently spilt some of the pre-diluted mixture on the floor. It quickly solidified into a greasy pink ickiness. Probably got my floor a little cleaner when I had to mop it up, though. Laughing

I figured it out to cost about $0.004375 a load, roughly. Not even a cent! I like it!
I'm assuming a load uses 2 oz.
Costs for the batch were 16 cents for the zote, 18 cents for the washing soda, and 22 cents for the borax.

I realized, though, that my biggest cost for laundry wasn't the detergent, but the apartment complex's laundramat. It costs $2 a load. For what I've paid in laundry costs in the last year of living here, I could have easily bought myself a washer and dryer. I only wish I had a place to put them.

That said, my second method of saving money with laundry is this: Doing everything by hand.

I went and got an eighteen gallon rubbermaid tub at walmart, and this is my new washing machine. It resides in my bathtub unless I'm trying to take a shower.
I measure in a little laundry detergent and put in the clothes that need to be washed (sorted as usual by color) and fill the tub with water, until the clothes can easily soak. I mix everything up a bit just to get everything good and soapy, and let it soak for fifteen minutes. Then everything gets good and squished and stirred and generally swooshed about. I toss all the wet clothing into a laundry basket I keep for this purpose (For one, because the basket fits nicely in the tub when it's not in use, and for two, because it doesn't have any solid walls, which means it's GREAT for draining laundry) I squish as much of the water out of the clothing in the basket as I can, and empty the laundry tub, then all the clothes go back in, and I refil the tub and swish everything around as well as I can to rinse. I drain it again and repeat. Then everything comes out of the tub, and the tub's drained, and I wring everything out as well as I can and hang it up to dry on the retractable clotheslines I had hung in the shower. It works quite nicely.

This way, I've cut down on my power costs (by not using a washer and dryer), I've cut down on my detergent costs, and I'm not wasting all sorts of packaging buying a new tub of laundry detergent every few weeks. Every ingredient in my laundry detergent comes in a easy-to-recycle package.
Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
5:25 pm
Okay, I posted this issue on a similar community here on LJ and didn't get the response I was looking for at all. 
What I need is a list of online shopping sites which would accept money order or concealed cash for payment .
This isn't about my paranois over identity theft, this is about helping manage my budget, especially for Christmas shopping.  I'm not so interested in big-name retailer websites, although Amazon does accept credit cards.  I need smaller, more obscure websites which sell gift items like figurines, home decor, books, etc.  Yes, I  have a credit card and I have a paypal account, but I do not want to use them for my Christmas Shopping.  My budget is too tight.
Any websites you can refer me to would be greatly appriciated.  Thanks!
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
12:51 pm
Garage sales
Just a question for you to ponder. What do you consider the absolute best bargain you've ever found at a garage sale? Mine was a pair of new Sorel snowboots in my size for .25.
Saturday, June 11th, 2005
12:52 pm
Hi there! I stumbled onto this community not too long ago. Just wanted to say HI to everyone before I posted.

My question to everyone is, what is your all time favorite place to find bargains? You can reply with the store name and the types of bargains you get there.

When I need nice clothes one of my favorite places is Macy's. They have KILLER sales at times.
Friday, May 13th, 2005
9:54 pm
let's get it started!
okay...I was wondering: what are some of your favourite inexpensive indulgences?

mine would have to include iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, chocolate bars from Godiva (the small ones), chai lattes (homemade are less expensive), a cup of assam tea, and votive candles from Yankee Candle. I also love taking bubble baths and drinking a glass of red wine (something within my budget) in the tub....

Current Mood: curious
Thursday, May 12th, 2005
7:21 pm
Mother always told me when you're poor you can't afford to be cheap.

Current Mood: content
9:04 pm
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